6 April 2009 - 6 October 2012

Tumi was a Lilac Point Birman. He was the first cat in our family therefore very close to our hearts.


He had a magnificent personality. He was in charge not only of his brother Nome but of us as well. Still we do not understand how it happened :-) We will never forget his little human like face, vibrant blue eyes and the most unusual nose. We miss him a lot…


Tumi was the first victim of the HCM. He had been diagnosed during a routine veterinary examination when he was only one year old, when his veterinarian detected a slight heart murmur, and referred him to a veterinary cardiologist.


More pictures of Tumi, here >>






Birman Health Foundation, Cardiomyopathy Problem in Birman cats

Our Tumi died because of cardiomyopathy, he suffered a lot…

His brother Nome is still alive under the supervision of a cardiologist.