Our Story

Our beloved cats Tumi (2009-2012), Charm (2010-2012) and Nome (2009-) inspired us to start a charitable foundation, The Birman Health Foundation.


Tumi and Charm died because of HCM. Nome has been diagnosed with heart problem as well and is still alive under the supervison of the cardiologist.


Our initial reaction to the diagnosis was depression, anger and a feeling of helplessness...


Having gone through the experience of caring for a cat with cardiomyopathy, we wanted to share what we have learned with others who are faced with a similar situation and to do something to make the loss of our beautiful cats more meaningful.


Our cats enrich our lives with their unconditional devotion to us. They enhance our lives with their stability, love and companionship.

The rewards of animal companionship are immeasurable!


Our Story

The Birman Health Foundation is a small charity that aims to make a positive difference to the health of Birman cats.

We do this by partnering with other charities, non-profit organizations and by providing funding directly to the researchers to improve veterinarians’ ability to diagnose, monitor, treat cats and finally identify the inherited mutation responsible for the heart disease.   We passionately believe that together we can make the change!