Our Birman Cats


are our inspiration to push the project forward.

Our Team and Supporters...

Dr Beata Garncarz


is doing what's needed, when it's needed, because it's needed.

Mail: secretary@birman-health-foundation.com

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Hushna  Chutoo


is keeping professional eye on the Birman Health Foundation finances and the financial requirements.

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Martin Robekowski


is making sure that we are complying with all rules and regulations as a small charity.

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Lois Wilki 
BSc BVetMed (Hons) MRCVS

PhD Student in Veterinary Cardiology


is writing the medical content and is doing the research project.

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Lynn Hearn


is reading and correcting the content of the website to make sure that we are well understood globally.

All what we do for the Birman Health Foundation is on voluntary basis only.